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Fins Are Bad. Why Are We Surprised?


I think I am trying to understand WHY so many Dolphin fans are upset. Here is a list of why no one should be surprised:

  • Is there anyone who didn't believe the Dolphins would lose these first two games? New England has dominated them up there for seven years now.
  • Philly traded Maxwell and Alonso because of poor performance. They continue to play poorly.
  • Arian Foster came injured and remains an injury problem.
  • The Fins went into the offseason desperately needing linebackers and DBs, and then failed to address it and chose to add D Line and WRs instead. The moves they did make were high risk.
  • They lost Brent Grimes and are starting a Philly cast off and a rookie instead.
  • They did not replace Lamar Miller with anyone near the talent. Huge loss.
  • Mario Williams was cut in Buffalo because of poor performance and has been a non-factor.
  • Adam Gase has never been a Head Coach. His claim to fame was coaching Peyton Manning which is like being makeup artist for Hiedi Klum. Hard to screw it up. Not saying he isn't capable and won't be great, but his has never run the show.
  • New system, new coaches, new players. New. New. New.

So why are we surprised that the team looked SO bad?  I am not. Sure I wished they would have looked better and that all the long shot cast offs and walking wounded players they took a chance on had played better. But it is reality time fans and that reality is that this team is too broken to fix in one offseason. We as fans will have to be patient. The Miami Dolphins are a bad football team.

Now if you are feeling that I have rubbed you wrong, let me state this. I think the Miami Dolphins are on the right track and that it will get better. I am seeing some real talent in some areas that when things come together will be a little more impactful. When Devante Parker is on the field and playing there is a real threat in the passing game. I think there is talent on the defensive line. And I think the rookie DB Howard shows potential and in time will be a solid starter. But there just isn't enough pieces and playmakers throughout this team to be better just yet. They just have to address some key areas that have been too long neglected. This team has not had a dominant linebacker since Zach Thomas retired and it shows both in run defense and also in the coverage on the tight ends. Yet I still expect the team to improve as the year goes on, and then make a considerable leap next year. I know it is hard and we are all frustrated and tired. But keep the faith Dolphins fans. Remember Jimmy Johnson's first year in Dallas? Sometimes it take a little working of the formula for it to come together.  Here are some thoughts on what I would like to see moving forward:

  • More Kenyon Drake. Miami needs a running game and he is the only untested option that could surprise. I would also activate Peed and give him some playing time. Ajayi and Williams won't be the answer. And it can't all be on Tannehill. He isn't that kind of QB.
  • It seems there were a number of plays on defense that had linebackers on WRs. I am not sure what scheme this is, but it is a bad one.
  • Miami needs to play aggressive man to man and get more physical with the wide receivers.
  • More Dion Simms, less Jordan Cameron. He drops key passes in every game.
  • More three wide. When the offense opened it up in the second half it was much more successful.
  • Is there anyone on the team that can play Linebacker? Not sure there is an answer for this.

Next weekend the Dolphins will get a much needed home game against Cleveland. Miami should win and win convincingly. Maybe with a couple more games under their belt this team will learn what they can do and find more success. We can only hope.

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