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You know the Dolphins haven't had much luck lately. But they tipped the scales a little on Thursday night during the first day of the draft. When it came time to make their selection the best offensive lineman in the draft, Laremy Tunsil, was just sitting there. By now everyone knows the story about the video surfacing and the story about receiving money while at Ole Miss. These were serious enough that it scared the rest of the league, and Tunsil fell. You have to love it. First of all I am going to guess more than half the players drafted last night have enjoyed the pleasures of the leaf on at least one occasion. College kids smoking weed is not rare and happens all the time. So in this case, someone with a really bad grudge decided to share Tunsil's experience which is all too wonderful for Dolphins fans. Here are a few things to weigh into this:

  1. Stu Weinstein is the Dolphins security guy. He has been doing it for years and is considered one of the best. The Dolphins were aware of everything prior to the draft, he investigated and then signed off on it.
  2. Tunsil has passed all of his college and combine drug tests
  3. He is considered the best OT prospect since Joe Thomas.
  4. Many had him rated the BEST player in the entire draft.
  5. The money thing is a non-issue. Not for Ole Miss, but for Tunsil it is.
  6. Miami is the 2nd worst team in the league at protecting the passer.

So when I put this all together I see a miracle. Miami got the best player at one of the positions of biggest need. No doubt that if this video had not surfaced Tunsil would have been a top five pick. Let's hope some of that luck continues on day 2

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