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Bills Crush Fins in Home Opener 41 -14

Another Embarrassing Loss. What Now?

The Buffalo Bills came to Miami to with a chip their shoulders after losing to New England in week 2. Miami also came into the game after an embarrassing loss. But they didn't have chips on their shoulders. They didn't even act like they were interested in being there. The game was decided early when the Dolphins went three and out and then Buffalo, behind a star performance by QB Tyrod Taylor, spread the ball well and put together scoring drive after another. Before you could blink the Dolphins were down 27-0. After that the bad slipped into the ridiculous. Careless turnovers and stupid penalties gave Buffalo opportunity after opportunity. The now indisputably horrible defense was unable to cover, tackle, get pressure or create turnovers. The offense was unable to run the ball and Ryan Tannehill became an orange and aqua pinata under the relentless pass rush and blitzes that the offensive line was unable to slow down. As I write this I am trying to find the words to capture how bad this team is, and how shocked Dolphins Nation is. The team is flat, uninspired and there seems to be no heart. Just a bad football team. 

Miami is now at the bottom of the division and they have no answers for what ails them. This isn't a quick fix and it would be tempting to just fire Philbin. But the holes are so bad, that that would be nothing more than a human sacrifice. Fact is this team has gone backwards. Gone are hopes of making the playoffs. Gone is the ridiculous notion that we would challenge New England in the AFC East. Dolphin fans now are left wondering if we will just win another game this year.

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