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Say it isn't So! Dolphins Embarrassed by Jaguars 23-20

Dolphins Once Again A Bad Team

Today the Miami Dolphins lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-20 on a late field goal with 26 seconds left in the game. OK now that piece of news is out of the way we can get to the hard part. This team is bad and what started as a season full of playoff talk has turned into a nightmare of horrific proportions. Like a giant punch to the stomach, or more painful areas, the play of this years team has been an embarrassment unlike any let down we have ever experienced.  Dolphins fans everywhere have got to be screaming and wondering where is the defense we were so sure was going to dominate the NFL? Where is the multi-prong offense that was supposed to run and pass with surgical precision? Where is Ndamakong Suh who we paid an NFL premium and who has yet to make a single noticeable play? Where is Kenny Stills? Where is Davante Parker the first round pick? What the hell is going on?!?!?

There is no excuse available to make sense of this, and there is plenty of fault to lay on the players. Missed tackles, missed passes, poor blocking, and poor coverage. But a big share has got to go on the coaching staff. This team is not prepared, the game plans are bad, and the players are not in the right places to play. They are getting out coached in preparation, game planning, and adjustments. Two weeks now back to back we have played horribly against the bottom teams of the NFL. And how can Dolphin Nation feel any way but disappointed? I can not remember a time when there was this kind of utter let down. I am not certain it will get better because the team is just...wrong. Out of sync and out of sorts. Just...a bad team.

Only time will tell how it all ends this year and there is always the possibility it can come together. But it just is not the way the world of the Miami Dolphins goes. We are now looking at fearing the rest of our schedule, which just gets harder and we are left to wonder how far  we will fall. On the field today in Jacksonville that once again same old Miami Dolphins.

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