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Dolphins Win Not a Happy One for Fans

Miami Wins 17-10 but looks bad in the process

Jordan Phillips Records his first NFL Sack

Jordan Phillips Records his first NFL Sack

You can feel it already. It has only been one game but the jaded Miami Dolphins fans are taking no excuses this year. The entire Dolphin Nation went into Sunday's season opener with high hopes and expecting a dominant performance. Instead, as if the football Gods were against us, they saw the Dolphins dominated by one of the worst teams in the league. The much anticipated defense looked exactly like last year's defense. What a let down.The much anticipated improved Ryan Tannehill, looked like not even last year's Tannehill, but the year before's version. Another big let down. And did I mention this was against one of the worst teams in the league? Now Albert Morris is no scrub and he is a powerful effective back. But it was the way the Redskins exposed this team's weaknesses that was so unsettling. Ndamukong Suh was double teamed for the most part, which took him all but out of the game. But the rest of the defense was unable to fill the void. Linebacker was an issue going into the off-season and it was not addressed. Washington wasted no time exposing it when the defensive line was tied up, there was no one filling the holes. Linebackers just did not make any plays this day. If Miami doesn't solve this then every team will copy this formula. Miami also did not address the secondary and once again a well coached Redskin team took advantage of it. Over and over again, with no pressure Kirk Cousins was able to find open receivers. Most of these came against Jamar Taylor who was just beaten all day long. And like the linebacker situation, if Miami does not find and answer their future opponents will come at Taylor all game long. He is not an NFL caliber DB and is a liability.

I do not want to leave the offense out of this. Ryan Tannehill performed nothing like the cool in command  field general we saw in the preseason. He was stiff, inaccurate and the entire offense had none of the life and sharpness we saw that gave us so much hope. The exception was Jarvis Landry who was a one man show on this day. He saved the Dolphins, not only with his punt return for a TD, but also with his gutsy catches and determination to get every yard. Honorable mention goes to TE Jordan Cameron who was consistent, and Lamar Miller for running hard with limited space to go. 

So yes we won and the defense did shut the Redskins out in the second half. But this game has Dolphin fans everywhere on the attack and they want blood. Message boards and talk shows are over run with angry fans that are not going to be accepting of this level of poor execution and play. Already they are calling for Coach Joe Philbin's head and the feeling that there is no excuses being allowed. This team has the talent and getting the properly prepared is the job of Philbin and his staff. It was a completely unsatisfying win which tells you the bar has been set high by the loyal fans of this team. 

This team should, and better dominate next week against the Jaguars. Because after that they have the Bills and then the Jets who both won in impressive fashion in their opening games. If this Miami Dolphins team shows up to those games and plays like they did on Sunday then the Dolphins will find themselves at the bottom of the AFC East.

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