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Miami Loses to the Giants 31-24 On Monday Night Football

Odell Beckham Jr. stole the show with 166 yrds and 2 TDS

Odell Beckham Jr. stole the show with 166 yrds and 2 TDS

At times like this it is hard to know what to write. After losing on Monday Night Football to the Giants it leaves Dolphins Nation wondering if we will ever see this team rise to the levels that was represented by 50 distinguished player alumni who were in attendance. Hard to explain it. Just despair. On a night where the offense played well enough to win it was the defense that was a no show. Brent Grimes a no show. Suh a no show. Vernon a no show. Jones a no show. No one on the defense made plays. No sacks. No interceptions. No game saving stops. Just nothing. Eli Manning looked more like Peyton Manning as he threw for a blistering 337 yards and 4 TDs. The secondary continued its poor play as all world WR Odell Beckham Jr. made catch after catch, and then was left unaccounted for on a blown coverage resulting in an 86 yard TD that was the game winner. And then when the defense needed a stop to get the ball back they let the Giants run the last six minutes off the clock. Couldn't make the stop when we needed it most. Just bad football. Hard to explain. Talent, coaching, all of it just so far from being consistent or good. The offense showed potential with a great night by Lamar Miller who had an impressive first half running the football, but was really a non-factor in the second half when he got the ball less and there was less room to run. The Dolphins just mostly looked tired and beat. Tannehill had some great passes and some bad ones. There were dropped passes and bad blocking. It would seem like it starts to get going, then it just dies. Often after some stupid penalties. I mean stupid drive killing, game losing type bone head penalties. This team is in complete disarray and there just is no hope in sight. I hope fans enjoyed looking back on the good days of the Dolphins this 50th anniversary weekend. It will be a long time before they are here again.

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