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The Loss to Buffalo Sends the Dolphins Season a Different Direction

Were you fished in like I was into thinking this year would be different? Yeah I drank the Kool-aid by the gallons. At the time my thoughts were:

  1. Ryan Tannehill would be improved.
  2. The addition of Suh would improve our run defense
  3. The drafting of Davante Parker would add a big time star to the WR corp
  4. Cameron Jordan would be as good if not better than Charles Clay
  5. Kenny Stills would be our deep threat and a big play receiver

And the end result to this season I expected was to be competitive in every game, and win a few more than others and maybe squeeze into a Wild Card slot. Boy was I wrong. Or maybe just naive. Because at the same time there were major issues that went unaddressed. Issues that somehow my brain didn't give enough weight too. So what I stupidly ignored was:

  1. We have bad coaches
  2. We have a horrible offensive line
  3. We have even worse linebackers
  4. Our secondary is bad

Reading those now, I am embarrassed that I got drawn into the pitch that this is the year we turn things around. What was I thinking?

After we suffered through some horrible games and the team fired Head Coach Joe Philbin then came our Knight in shining armor Dan Campbell, the anti-Philbin. He was everything Philbin wasn't and his gritty bad ass methods shocked the team and Dolphin Nation to life. And we bullied the weak Titans all over the field. We abused the Texans the week later and all of a sudden we were the Mike Tyson of the NFL ready to take on everyone. Then along came our Evander Holyfield, the Patriots. And Bill Belichek the best Coach in the game and maybe the best game day Coach in the history of the game. The evil Sith Lord we all hate, the cheater. Belichek showed us that winning in the NFL is still a game of Xs and Os. He kicked sand in our face and exposed us on national TV for what we are. An under talented, poorly coached football team that is actually worse than it was a year ago. Look no further than the 0-5 division record to understand how bad it truly is. Let's just all accept that and remove all expectations of something great or even good happening this year. It's over and done. We all now need to know that from this point forward it is about next year.

On this roster there are a few legitimate NFL starters. Among those starters may be one or two Pro Bowlers. After that the fall off is deep and painful. I dare to say that many of our players would not even make it on the field for half of the  other NFL teams. This talent pool we are working with is just not good enough. Some of them can and will be better, and some have been here too long living a career unfulfilled potential. So now each game we play is not about making it to the playoffs. It is an early preseason where every player should be evaluated. This team needs more Jarvis Landry's and Reshard Jones, and less Koa Misis and Less Dallas Thomases. Every roster spot needs to be put up for grabs and somewhere in the offices of Davie, FL the Owner and his executives need to change how they think about this team. The first place to start is by pulling out whatever stops it takes to get absolutely the best football man and head coach there is. Whatever it costs, whatever they want. We need an expert who knows how to fix this thing. It is not going to be a coordinator who has never run a team before. It has to be a Head Coach who has proven he can win in this league. And then that Head Coach and Mike Tannebaum and Dennis Hickey need to tear it all down and keep only championship players who show up every week, like Landry and like Jones. They need to get Offensive and Defensive Coordinators who know how to scheme for today's brand of NFL football and make adjustments during games to change the outcome. With these pieces in place then this team can evolve and change the fortunes of the franchise that so many of us love. If we just...can change...everything. Change everything. Start over gain.

Wait....we have been here before haven't we?


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