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Reality Check...Miami Has A Long Ways To Go

Dolphins Get Demolished 36-7 as Brady Shreds them for 4 TDs

 Tannehill and the offense had no answers for the Patriots

 Tannehill and the offense had no answers for the Patriots

I really wanted to believe that the Dolphins had somehow found their way out of obscurity. The past two weeks made it easy to get drawn in to the hype and the amazing turnaround at the hands of uber motivator Dan Campbell. I wanted to believe, and I did start to believe. And then the New England Patriots did what they always do to teams. Last week they rang up ridiculous yards and points against the Jets and the best defense in the league. This week they threw a bucket of ice water on the red hot Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins team on this night looked nothing like the Dolphins of the past two weeks. They looked very Phibin-esque. The defense after giving up a TD on the Patriots opening drive actually kept it within striking distance most of the first half. But as Brady always does, he started slowly cranking things up higher, and higher until it became a blow-out. The offense was horrible, maybe its worst showing of the year. And for the first time I question if Tannehill can play at this level. He just is too inconsistent week to week and just doesn't seem to have the field IQ or the general leadership needed. When key games come he just freezes up. Makes bad plays. Takes too many sacks and throws interceptions. Just bad QB play. But it's not all on Tannehill. The areas of weakness on this team the offensive line, the defense backs and the linebackers have been bad for years. Tonight Belichek and Brady feasted on those weaknesses. The inability of this franchise to fix those areas is killing it. And how bad is Jamar Taylor? I mean really? And if the beat down at the hands of the Super Bowl Champion was not bad enough, star Defensive End and pass rusher Cameron Wake injured his Achilles and not only has ended his season, but at his age you wonder of its the end of his career. Starting Right Tackle Juwan James went down as well, his status still unknown. Two  key losses this team could not afford to have.

I think what is most disappointing is the lack of emotion we saw. This was supposed to be a different degree of passion and fire than the Philbin era. We all bought into the high fives on the sidelines, the hugs, etc. But there was Coach Dan Campbell just leaning with hands on knees with a general glassed over expression. No engagement with the players or coaches.  No screaming at the officials. No meeting players coming off the sideline.  And that is how his players played. Maybe fun is a nice addition to have at practice but what made Dan Campbell intriguing is his fire. Tonight there was none. And just like the Philbin era, the players took on the persona of their coach. Now it is gut check time for this team. If Dan Campbell wants to keep the job he has some major issues to resolve before the Dolphins are competitive again. But make no mistake about it, we were out classed in every aspect by the New England Patriots tonight. 

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